Hopeland Community Sustainability


The objective of the HCSG is to provide its members with a platform to share information, support each other and communicate regarding CSG in our community.

Our Facebook site is a closed site for members.  If you would like to join, just email me or go to the facebook site and ask to join.

Hopeland Community Sustainability Group


Our group has launched a petition to assist in our strategy to save our Priority Agricultural Land, Our homes, our businesses and the health of our families.

Click on this link, Petition, to view it and sign it, just enter your details on the right of the screen (the version of signing a petition in the electronic age).

We made the Chinchilla News on 8 January 2015 with a write up about the petition. 

Information about PL272

Please click on this link to view a map of PL272 and the intended wells for this year.

In anyone’s terms, including Origin’s and Minister McVeigh’s the area represented by the majority of our members (PL272) is overwhelmingly Priority Agricultural Land, a significant amount of which is Class A Good Quality Agricultural Land (see Origin’s “Walloons Plan of Operations (2015-2016) Figure 9).  This is also clearly articulated in the Western Downs Regional Plan, and the Chinchilla Plan.

Origin’s Activities will also be undertaken directly adjacent of the Chinchilla Priority Living Area.

This petroleum lease was granted to Origin in October 2013 by the LNP.  It was granted with full knowledge of the powers that be of the unique farming category of the land in that area and the Priority Living Area it is adjacent to.  The Origin Plan of Operations makes absolutely no accommodations for this fact in their plans for our area.

In the Origin Plan of operations, to the everlasting horror and shock of the HSCG members, PL272 is creatively misrepresented and described as:

“Cattle grazing is the predominant land use ... Various forms of cropping are found in areas of more fertile soil and where the use of machinery is not constrainedOther more industrial land uses, such as manufacturing and industrial and waste treatment and disposal, are associated with the Development Areas ..The Development Area is close proximity to … Chinchilla (approximately 2.5 km from the town limits). As such the land parcels are generally medium sized rural land parcels, which are almost exclusively freehold land. ..There are a number of scattered rural homesteads associated with the land parcels within the Walloons Development Area.”

Overlay the proposed infrastructure for 2015-2016 from Origin’s Plan of Operations (PoO) and the great majority of the “infrastructure” planned will be on the Priority Agricultural Land.  No to mention, the dots and thin lines on this map are confronting enough, they are woefully inadequate to describe the truth of the matter.  They fail to show the High point vents, low point drains, substations and cemented road ways they also install for every one of those wells. (See the pictures depicting this reality vs the sanitised Figure 12  in the PoO.)

In addition to this, the “scattered rural homesteads” in PL 272 and the HCSG, again, the reality is over 100 homes, families, and businesses, are already coping with a Gas Processing Facility on our doorstep producing Formaldehyde, CO, VOC, PAHs (see the National Pollution Inventory for Condibri) along with the flare that is visible from town, imagine how bright it is for the people in the immediate area, and the noise associated with the operation of the facility and the roar of the flare.  There was no consultation with the community regarding this, or any other activity undertaken. 

In an attempt to instigate consultation between Origin and the members of PL 272 and HCSG, we have reviewed their Environmental impact statement (EIS), their Environmental Authority (EA), and have drafted a list of questions.  This was provided to Origin proactively on 29 September 2014.  To 

date Origin have failed to provide any answers to the questions, infact they have failed to have direct answers with the Group, in over 2.5 months.

The only interaction we have had with Origin to date has been the spectacular bore blowing out, the multiple private stock and domestic bores that are leaking gas, the attempt at “making good” on a bore that included failing to attend the planned intial meeting at the Farmers property twice, then turning up with approximately 10 people and 6 vehicles with no weed and seed declaration in site.

What confidence can the HSCG and residents and agri-business owners of PL272 have that Origin is capable of conducting their business in a way that even closely resembles “coexistence”.  Infact none of these realities are mentioned in the EIS, PoO or the EA.

Infact HCSG have identified a number of inconsistencies and inaccuracies present in the EIS and the Plan of Operations, and then coupled with the numerous Environmental Complaints based on the EA we have lodged with the DEHP that we believe we have enough established for the cancellation of the EA EPPG00968013.

We have had confirmation from the Department of Natural resources and mines that the CSG activities WILL EFFECT all of the domestic stock and domestic bores.

There has been no baseline testing done, yet we know there is a serious effect on the water, air, soil and health.